“Genshin” Review: Next Generation Open World RPG Experience

By Admin Oct 28, 2023
Next Generation Open World RPG ExperienceNext Generation Open World RPG Experience

A fantastic world drawn with beautiful graphics

Genshin is a fantastic open world RPG with beautiful graphics.
Players will explore the mysterious continent “Teiwat” and an epic story will unfold.
The world of Teiwat is a meticulously designed world filled with lush nature, ancient ruins, and fantastical creatures.
Traveling through this beautiful world is like stepping into an anime world.

Meet unique characters

In Genshin, you will meet dozens of unique characters, form a party, and go on an adventure.
Each character has their own story and abilities, and players can unlock further powers by forming bonds with them.
You can also enjoy interactions between characters and daily conversations.

Exciting battle system and combination of elements

The key to Genshin’s battle system is actions that utilize elements (attributes).
Each character has one of seven elements: fire, water, wind, ice, lightning, rock, and grass, and can create powerful combo attacks by combining different elements.
In addition, battles that require tactical judgment will take place, testing the player’s skill.

Exploration and puzzle elements on a huge map

Teiwat’s vast map offers plenty to explore.
Climb mountains, swim rivers, and fly through the skies as you discover hidden treasure chests and secret dungeons.
There are also many puzzle elements within the map, and there are many scenes where you have to use your brain to solve them, making the adventure even more fun.

Free-to-play gacha system and paid elements

Genshin is basically free to play, and you can use the gacha system to obtain new characters and weapons.
Players can draw gachas by consuming “ore stones,” which are items that can be obtained in the game, and players have a chance to obtain powerful characters and equipment.
There is also a payment element, and players can purchase items to draw more gachas, but the game is balanced enough that you can enjoy it even without paying.

Adventure with friends with multiplayer features

Genshin allows up to four people to play together using the multiplayer feature.
By adventuring with friends, you can take on tough enemies that would be difficult in normal single-player mode, and help each other solve puzzles.
You can also have fun while communicating using the chat function and emotes.

Never get bored with frequently updated content

New areas, characters, and events are added regularly to Genshin, so you can play for a long time without getting bored.
The developers are also listening to the community and making updates to balance and improve the quality of the game.
This keeps Genshin always fresh and appealing and continues to attract players.

A gorgeous soundtrack that brings out the charm of Genshin

Another element that further enhances the worldview of Genshin is the gorgeous soundtrack.
Epic songs that make full use of a variety of instruments and folk music that evokes the culture of each region will draw players deeper into the world of Teiwat.
In addition, the tense music that plays during battles will bring out the excitement of the battle to the fullest.
The soundtrack is created by talented composers and performers, and its high quality is outstanding compared to other smartphone games.


Genshin features beautiful graphics and a fantastic worldview, encounters with unique characters, a tactical battle system and combination of elements, exploration and puzzle elements on a vast map, and a free-to-play gacha system. This is a smartphone app game that features a paid element, multiplayer features, frequently updated content, and a gorgeous soundtrack.

With its carefully designed world and story, exciting battle scenes, and multiplayer features that you can enjoy with your friends, Genshin offers a world of adventure packed with various elements.
The game balance allows you to enjoy the game even without paying, and new content is added regularly.
This is a smartphone game that can be recommended not only to open world RPG fans but also to a wide range of players.
Start your adventure now in the world of Genshin!

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